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Notarised translations

Our translation agency will have your documents translated with accuracy and have the translations certified by a Notary Public, if required. Our qualified and certified translators deliver translations with the utmost degree of accuracy. If you seek a high-quality translation and need to have it certified in accordance with the currently effective requirements, RT Tulkojumi is the place to go.

Thanks to our vast experience in document translation, you can feel free to entrust the notarised translation of your documents to us. If required, our cooperation with Notaries Public working in different countries allows us to produce notarised translations that are valid and legally effective in any country where you might require these. We guarantee legal clarity and legitimacy of documents in all languages. If you are unable to find the desired target language on our language lists, please contact us for an appropriate individual proposal.

Given the expertise and accuracy of our translators, you can rest assured that the translation of your official documents is going to be certified as having the full extent of legal effect. Our translation agency operates in adherence to high safety and confidentiality standards. The expertise and reliability of our translation services makes sure your documents are in good hands. Through our assistance, you have a fast and efficient way to obtain notarised translations meeting all legal requirements. Our specialists guarantee prompt, professional and timely processing of your documents!

Individual solution-based approach to notarised translations

Each document is unique, and thus our approach to the needs of every customer is based on tailored solutions. Contact us by the most convenient means to obtain any required information and learn the price and delivery time of any notarised translation.

Close cooperation with lawyers and Notaries Public

We regularly select the most appropriate and timely available Notary Public offices to provide our customers with prompt and accurate notarised translations, in perfect compliance with the applicable legal standards and requirements. Rely on us to process your documents to the due degree of legal clarity and comprehensiveness to legal professionals.

Producing a notarised translation requires a properly executed and legally effective original document. The document must contain the following information:


Name of the document


Issuing authority


Date of issue


Place of issue and signing


Signature (-s)

Things to know about notarised translations

A translation is submitted along with the original document to a Notary Public, who compares and certifies it. If you also need a notarised copy of the source document, please be aware that the original document will have to be submitted when ordering a translation anyway, as the current procedure requires it to be presented to the Notary Public carrying out the certification.

Notarised translation fees

The price for translating a document (a diploma, a certificate, a statement, etc.) and having the translation certified by the translation agency or a Notary Public is calculated on a fee-for-service basis. Please contact us to learn the exact price. The price of agency certification itself is 5.- EUR exclusive of VAT.

Contact us in the most convenient way!

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