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Text translation

Text translation proper in terms of grammar in style is a vital process for ensuring logical comprehension of texts by people perceiving information in different languages. To ensure quality text translation, our translation agency pays special attention to the essential criteria. Texts have to be translated in a vast variety of fields, such as, business, law, medicine, education and numerous other industries. Thorough and circumspect approach to this process is what makes our translations impeccable in terms of quality and accuracy.

Choice of an appropriately qualified translator

We select qualified and experienced translators who specialise in the required area or industry. The translator's qualification is the cornerstone of proper translation accuracy and compliance.

Language pairs

Translators are selected in consideration of their country of origin. Our customer services include translations for one language to another (i.e. from the source language to the target language), as well as back translations, from the target language back to the source one.

Use of appropriate language style

The target language style is selected based on the target audience and the desired effect. Whereas formal language is to be adhered to in some cases, other situations would justify the use of more casual style or language specific for a certain industry.

Terminology coordination

We do our best to select translators who would understand the terminology or a specific project or its respective industry, and thus be capable of delivering a translation coordinated across the entire context. This preserves the quality of the uniform language use style.

Understanding of the context

It is advisable to communicate any specific requirements towards the translation of a specific text in advance, as well as to provide additional information regarding the content of the document. Comprehension of the context will allow us to deliver the translation in the most accurate and appropriate manner.

Proofreading and editing process

Upon completion of a translation, we have it proofread. We check the text for any potential errors or ambiguities and correct these if any are revealed. Involvement of a proofreader in the translation process allows our customers to benefit from top-notch text translation quality.

Maintenance of style and grammar of the target language

When translating a text to a certain language, we always maintain proper observance of the stylistic and grammatical requirements of this target language. High-quality translation implies not just accuracy in terms of content, but correct use of the language as well.

Legal and confidentiality issues

Documents are translated with strict observance of appropriate confidentiality. You can rest assured that there is no way your information could come into possession of any third party.

Text translation services for various industries


Legal documents

Law is one of the most prominent sectors where professional text translation is of the special essence. Contracts, judicial documents, legal notices and other legal documentation requires precise translation for proper legal clarity and comprehension.


Translation of medical documents

Medical translations ensure precise conveyance of drug package insert and label information, as well as information about the patient and the treatment process in a different language. Medical reports, prescriptions, medical histories and other documents require special attention and precision so that the information would be conveyed with absolute clarity.


Translation of educational documents

Graduates' diplomas, annexes thereto, transcripts of academic records, application documents, academic certificates and other educational documents may require translation whenever the bearer thereof wishes to study or work abroad. Another major purpose here is to allow the reader of an educational document to acquire a clear idea of the student's or potential employee's experience whilst avoiding any confusion.


Science and technology

Science and technology require precise translations of publications, study reports, technical specifications and other documents, so that the information contained therein could be properly comprehended and put to use.

Government and international treaties, diplomatic communication documents, official notices and other state-related documents may require professional translation with precise and officially sound language.


Science and technology

Science and technology require precise translations of publications, study reports, technical specifications and other documents, so that the information contained therein could be properly comprehended and put to use.


Government and international documents

Professional translation may be required for state and international agreements, diplomatic communications, official announcements, and other governmental documents to ensure accurate and official language use.

Text translation services meeting different requirements

Professional translations are essential wherever precision, perspicuity and legal validity of a document are of importance. Our qualified translators' services are indispensable in these areas, for correctness and utmost accuracy of conveyance of information between languages.

Professional text translations are especially sought after in areas where language barriers could otherwise entail risks or problems requiring extra time to solve. Therefore, it is crucial to find and make use of high-quality translation services at the appropriate time. Our translation agency handles text translations with promptitude and efficiency; commonly, this takes up to 24 hours, depending on the volume of the text in question. Quite frequently, we are able to handle translation orders within just a few hours! 

Text translation is the most popular service provided by our translation agency. Our professional language experts translate texts of any subject or format whatsoever, in any language pairs. We guarantee proper confidentiality and adherence to the agreed timelines. Our agency's translators work with texts from different industries at no extra cost, observing the grammar and spelling rules of the target language, applying precise terminology and specific language styles, and considering any appropriate instructions and requirements that a customer might have. Our vast database of translators and other language specialists and our global partner network allow the formation of an appropriate professional team for any translation project. When working on larger and more complex projects, we use different CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools, which speed up the translation process to a considerable extent and facilitate consecutive use of terminology, while also allowing customers to save a share of their translation costs.

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