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Text editing

The process of text proofreading and editing is also important prior to translation, in order to make sure that both your content and its translation are going to be professional and meet proper language standards. This helps avoid faults that could otherwise affect the presentation of your information and its influence on the audience. Prior to publication, it is a good idea to verify the quality of a text. This is where our text proofreading services prove to be a great means of eliminating any potential grammar, spelling, punctuation or style errors. We can also proofread, edit and correct an already translated document, if you would like to verify its quality. We also correct original documents in Latvian or in a foreign language. At our translation agency, RT Tulkojumi, texts are only proofread by expert native speakers of the target language. Our experts guarantee scrupulous text proofreading to eliminate any potential grammar, spelling, punctuation and style errors, as well as terminology faults.

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Several key aspects of text proofreading and editing in the course of our translation process


Grammar and spelling check

The editor carefully checks the text for any potential mistakes that could have been made in terms of grammar or spelling. Correct composition of the text is the most essential factor of translation quality.


Logical analysis of the text

The editor analyses the translation and, if required, applies corrections to make the text more logical and comprehensive. Aside from proper use of language, such proofreading also streamlines the conveyed information into a clear and logical stream.


Industry-specific check

Depending on the content, the editor assesses the use of industry specific language, in order to ensure proper usage and translation of terms and technical glossary.


Style and language culture compliance

Translations are checked in order to verify compliance not just with the applicable grammar rules, but with the appropriate style and language culture standards as well. This is especially important when customising a text for a specific target audience.


Translation merging control

If there is a team of several translators working on a project, the editor oversees the merging of segments translated by different persons, maintaining uniform terminology and common language style.


Customer instruction compliance check

If required, the editor makes sure that the customer's requirements regarding style, tone and other specific desired elements are met.

Text proofreading fees

Proofreading rates usually amount to 50% of the full price of translation of the text in question. The price may differ, however, it the quality of the existing translation is obviously very low.


Discounts are granted to loyal customers and if greater translation volumes are ordered.

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