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Interpreters and translators

tulks vai tulkotājs

What is the difference between a translator and an interpreter?

An interpreter is commonly a person participating in various meetings, conferences and even court sessions, who handles the interpretation from one language to another. Usually, an interpreter's services are more complex, and therefore more expensive than translation. Quick and accurate interpreting requires a considerable psychological strain. It is vital for an interpreter to expand his or her knowledge on an ongoing basis, as simultaneous interpreting requires great precision and good command of peculiar features of languages.

Common tasks that an interpreter deals with are:

  • Film or TV series dubbing;

  • Audio book dubbing;

  • Interpreting at a seminar or conference;

  • Interpreting in court;

  • Consecutive interpreting, frequently used at business meetings.

  • Simultaneous interpreting, where speech is translated and conveyed immediately, within seconds.

  • Interpreting can also be done in different circumstances, for example, by phone, Skype, etc.

Translators, on the other hand, mostly work with written business, technical, legal and scientific materials. These could be letters, documents, notices, articles or books.

A translator handles the following jobs:

  • Document reading and translation;

  • Text editing;

  • Proofreading;

  • Localisation.

A translator may specialise in a specific job or in a specific area, such as translation of technical, legal or financial documents.

The mandatory skillset of a translator is as follows:

  • Ability to adhere to the agreed timelines;

  • Quick perception of new concepts, such as technical terms;

  • A clear writing style with flawless knowledge of spelling and grammar;

  • Attention to detail;

  • Free command of at least two foreign languages;

  • IT skills;

  • Ability to establish good relations with customers.

Tulks un tulkotājs var būt kā daļa no komandas, kuru nodarbina:

  • Translation enterprises / agencies;

  • Trade and industrial enterprises, e.g., factories;

  • Local, nationwide, government and international organisations, up to the United Nations;

  • Other services of the government sector, such as the police.

RT Tulkojumi offers high-quality interpretation and translation services, employing the advantages it enjoys due to cooperation with highly qualified contracting translators and interpreters speaking different native languages. We only cooperate with experienced interpreters and translators who specialise in their respective domains.

If you are looking for quality translation or interpretation services, please feel free to complete our application form, and receive a price quotation for the sought service within 20 minutes!


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